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Since when can a Female Ejaculate?
By: Eric Jackson 
10-12-08          Home

The average person has little idea what Female Ejaculation is, even though over the past few years it has become a very hot topic. Being I have considerable first hand experience as well as thousands of hours of study, I will attempt to share my expertise.

Sex-ed teaches us all at a very young age that men ejaculate, yet they never mention that women can as well. The release of fluid from the woman’s urethra during sexual stimulation is defined as, female ejaculation. This phenomenon is truly the most intense and pleasurable full-bodied orgasm any woman can experience. Only recently, American Scientists have documented that almost all women can ejaculate during sexual stimulation. However, most do not, for lack of education and experience. 

Many women have gotten the feeling, during intense stimulation, that they need to stop and pee. Only to find out that they do not need to when they get to the toilet. She stopped short of ejaculation by only seconds. As well many have experienced the random sexual encounter with extreme wetness post orgasm, which they could not explain. Often inexperienced lovers will believe this extreme wetness to be urine caused by weak bladder control. This causes considerable confusion and often embarrassment on the part of the woman. Then it becomes a problem within the relationship. Because of poor communication, the woman instinctively resists repeating this, preventing her from truly enjoying the their sexual experiences. With proper education and practice, female ejaculation can become an integral and exciting part of a sexual relationship. 

Communication and education are the keys to healthy sexual relations. She will never have to fake it again.

The ejaculate is a clear watery substance comprised of lymphatic fluid, prostate specific antigens as well as various sugars, which are not present in urine. Unlike male ejaculate, it is lacking sperm and the protective fluids present to ensure delivery through the cervix in the low pH of the vagina. Basically, the thickness is lacking. The volume can vary from a few drops to literally cups. So, be sure if you try for this, put down towels first.

The most current information states that what was previously known, as the Para-urethral Sponge in a female is truly no different from the male prostate glands, a group of glands surrounding the urethra. In females, this area is also known as the G-spot. I call it the Gräfenberg-area, it is not a magic little button one pushes to get a response. It is an area equivalent to the underside of the male penis in size and width when engorged. This area inside the vagina possesses erectile tissue; it can be stimulated by proper touch and enlarged considerably. Located just inside the upper wall of the vagina and towards the belly button long stroking motions will cause a change in the feeling of this area. Getting proper training from educational videos like The Big Soak or others, techniques can be learned, to stimulate this pleasure area to the extreme, culminating in female ejaculation.

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