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ORGASMIC EXPULSION aka Female Ejaculation
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Published - September 29, 2012

Back Cover Text - When it comes to human behavior, nearly all of it is learned. In this auto-biography Eric boldly conveys the experiences that have molded his positively directed behavior and explains how anyone do the same. How adversity and dissatisfaction can mold you into a better person, boss or lover.

Jackson's confidence in believing what can be learned by one human can be taught to another is conveyed in these pages and his DVD. His mentoring skills have taught thousands to achieve great heights, both sexually and in life.

He closes the gap in understanding a woman inside and out. Developing your skills as a lover and partner in any relationship. Showing the value of maintaining a positive attitude in the midst of tragic circumstances, which we all occasionally encounter. This book is must have for your self help book shelf. 

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Since when can a Female Ejaculate?  October 12, 2008

Many women have gotten the feeling, during intense stimulation, that they need to stop and pee. Only to find out that they do not need to when they get to the toilet. She stopped short of ejaculation by only seconds. As well many have experienced the random sexual encounter with extreme wetness post orgasm, which they could not explain. Often inexperienced lovers will believe this extreme wetness to be urine caused by weak bladder control.   read more>>

Female Ejaculation-The Double Standard in the Bedroom  September 22, 2008

     Female ejaculation has been around for millennia, yet was somehow lost in America’s history. We originated from the Victorian culture where women were expected to endure sex for the sake of conception as well as preservation of marriage, not for personal pleasure. In the forties when Ernst Gräfenberg studied female arousal, he discovered the area later called the G-Spot in his honor. In my opinion, when Beverly Whipple, PhD, coined this phrase, she made a tragic mistake.  read more>>

Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot  July 24, 2008

    Women, in contrast, are never, ever, given even the smallest hint of what makes them have a pleasurable orgasm. It is my experience women are shunned from sexual conversation or interaction as often as possible from early childhood. There is no wonder emotional scars develop due to the behavior of our society. We tend to create such taboo associated to female sexuality that it actually has a voodoo effect on women.  read more>>

Prevailing Theory of Female Ejaculation February 17, 2009

     Medical science continually refuses to acknowledge the abundance of information surrounding the physical reality of female ejaculation. A considerable amount of contradiction surrounding the subject exists, leaving true sexual educators a mountain of unrealistic notions from those they teach. Providing a clear, consistent message becomes difficult, yet over the past few years prevailing opinions  read more>>

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